Mission Is To Financially Support Agencies That Provide Programming
That Enhances The Ability Of Foster Youth To Transition Successfully To Adulthood

There are 423,000 foster youth in the United States. Each year, 25,000 youth aged 18 or older make the transition from foster care to adulthood. Because they have exited the foster care system, they lose access to most foster care services and support. These vulnerable youth urgently need help to find housing, jobs, and health care and to access essential social services.

Music Is Unity is also dedicated to raising awareness of the needs of emancipated foster youth through public education, partnerships with our grantees, and by inviting others – including celebrities, clergy, politicians, and citizens – to become involved. As Mr. Bailey has said, “I believe when foster youth come into the system, we all have a responsibility to ensure that they have quality lives and have the same opportunities that we want for our own children. Foster youth are struggling. We can all take action to help.”

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