Earth, Wind & Fire’s lead singer, Philip Bailey’s Music Is Unity (MIU), The National Foster Youth ActionNetwork (NFYAN) and the Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) have partnered to offer an empowering experience to 10 local foster youth. The legendary band is set to perform at the Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas on March 7th. Bailey will conduct an exclusive “tour” with the group of young people prior to the concert that will include an exclusive and intimate sound check experience. Following the band’s live concert performance the selected group will meet the band backstage at a private reception with top community leaders hosted by Janet Knipe (director of NFYAN). The legendary band will beperforming a unique concert with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

The whole experience here at Earth, Wind and Fire… it was really great  because honestly to have them support us… it was really great, they don’t just talk-the-talk, they actually do it.  They don’t just say they’re gonna do something, they just do it.  I’m really grateful to come to the concert, just watch them. I loved the energy.  -Chris, age 18, Dallas

Singer/musician Philip Bailey founded the Music Is Unity Foundation in 2007. In 2011, the Music Is Unity Foundation launched a partnership with the National Foster Youth Action Network to build public support for foster and emancipating youth. Through public education at Earth, Wind & Fire concerts throughout the United States, and special events with foster and emancipating youth, these two organizations are providing opportunities for community members to become involved in supporting foster and emancipating youth.

I never thought I would have this opportunity to meet Earth, Wind and Fire and go back stage and all the fancy stuff during the sound check.  I’ll be talking about this for like two months…You see it on TV all the time, how famous people have their organizations but you never hear  about helping children or adopting children in the foster care system who are not fortunate enough to have a home… So I just want to say thank you.  -Nikki, age 22, Dallas

In Dallas, the organizations are partnering with Dallas CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) an agency of volunteers appointed by judges to advocate in court for the best interests of abused children living in foster care, to spread awareness about ways to help foster youth in Dallas County.

Today was a great day.  Not only meeting with Earth, Wind and Fire, and going to their concert, but it was just a great insight in knowing there are people out there to help CASA youth, or foster youth.. to be able to go through and get funds, and whatever is needed, that extra support.  And put that word out there for the rest of the youth that are in the system now.  That gonna give them help with school, clothing, scholarships or whatever.  To be able to know that youth still have a chance at life, even though you’ve been in foster care.  -Donald, age 22, Dallas

“Young people coming out of the foster care system at age 18 struggle to reach their dreams,” said Philip Bailey, “they struggle from high levels of poverty and lower levels of education. By empowering others wefind solutions together.”
About Music Is UnityThe Music Is Unity Foundation’s mission is to financially support agencies that provide programming that enhances the ability of foster youth to transition successfully to adulthood. A percentage of ticket sales from Earth, Wind & Fire concerts are designated for the Music Is Unity Foundation; other sources of funding include individuals and corporations.

About The National Youth Action NetworkThe National Foster Youth Action Network trains and empowers foster youth to take a leadership role inadvocating for their interests in improving the foster care system, which governs the lives of the 423,000 foster youth in the United States. This unique approach equips youth with the skills to educate policy makers and the public about the challenges they face. Through training and coaching and their own advocacy and organizing efforts, the youth also learn skills that help them become resilient, confident, healthy, productive adults while they work to improve foster care for everyone. The National Foster Action Network is active in six states and continues to expand.

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