California Youth Connection – 2012 Leadership & Policy Conference


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The  California Youth Connection 2012 Leadership & Policy Conference was a very productive week for the foster youth of both the California Youth Connection (CYC) and the National Foster Youth Action Network (NYFAN).  The event took place in Thousand Oaks, CA earlier this month and foster youth had workshops on various issues that effect them and worked together to brainstorm how to improve these issues. They also learned how to bring matters to Congress to change laws where necessary.  The objective of the conference was to teach the youth the importance of their voice, and to show them how to effectively get those voices heard.

Some of the foster youth issues discussed were:
-Mentorship Programs
-Foster Parenting Assessment/Federal Regulations
-Decreasing the number of cases for Social Workers and Court Appointed Attorneys
-Awareness and Proper Training for foster parents housing Gay & Lesbian youth.
-Sibling Rights
-Group Home Accountability
-Foster Parent Training
-The importance of Social Networking in raising awareness of foster care matters.
-Partnering with foster youth representative programs in other states to see what has worked for them.
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